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Motivated teams at your disposal: Committed everyday on the field, the staff of The SOQUIBAT knots for years, trusting particullarly excellent relationships with its customers, from the artisan to the big industries.


Our business customers enjoy a customized listening and know they can rely on experts who are qualified to provide counseling and flexible service. The SOQUIBAT wishes above all to install a solid partnering relationship with each client.


At the heart of our business, our customers are our reason for being: This statement sums up in itself, the motivation of our teams and their involvement in their work.


In addition the SOQUIBAT treats in continuous technical training of its staff, chosen for their human qualities, motivation and skills.


New talents come to enrich the teams regularly and soak up the culture of SOQUIBAT that integrates the conviction that the wealth of a company depends primarily on the quality and enthusiasm of his teams.